Series BR

Double arms mixer is the ideal machine for producing doughs for pizzerias and pastries of high quality. The use of the double arms system allows an excellent oxygenation of the dough.

Impastatrice a bracci tuffanti - Mecnosud
BR 40 - 50 - 60

Technical specifications

  • Moving parts mounted on ball bearings.
  • Gear box made in high-robustness cast iron and perfectly leak-proof.
  • Low mechanism noise level.
  • Kneading arms made in stainless steel inox 304.
  • Supplied with timer.
  • Closed bowl protection guard to prevent the out coming of flour, made in a transparent high robustness plastic.
  • Available in the version with three-phase 2 speed and three-phase variable speed, for the selection of the optimum mixing speed.
  • The mixer is equipped with wheels for the movement, and with two stabilizer feet.


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