Series Style

The professional automatic bread slicers SMART and STYLE are the ideal solution for cutting all types of bread. The central drive bar ensures a comfortable hand handling with both right and left hand. The ergonomic position of bagging chute guarantees a comfortable and quick operation.

Taglierine per Pane - Mecnosud
STYLE 42 - 42+
Taglierine per Pane - Mecnosud
STYLE 52 - 52+

Technical specifications

  • Assisted traction syste4m “SOFTLIFT” (Exclusive system)
  • Small footprint and absence of lateral mechanisms. Easy positioning on the wall
  • Bagging chute in ergonomic position.
  • Large capacity and easy emptying crumb collection tray.

Style +
  • Single or continuous cutting selection.
  • Easy functioning digital display.
  • Blades change advisor.
  • Cutting pressure immediate adjustments by 6 levels.


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